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The Home of Fantasy Fucknuggetry

A Real Play Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Six dangerously codependent dipshits drink cocktails and seek a glorious death in a Dungeons & Dragons themed real play podcast.

With a cast that includes a failed Crocoborn sorcerer, turned children’s party entertainer, a dirty old human priest, on the brink of the afterlife, a Half Orc fighter with the IQ of a pine cone, a sassy blue Tiefling, surrounded by bees and a retired Gnome archer with PTSD.  So, if you like your plot lines thin and crispy, and your language to be saltier than a sailor's beard, welcome aboard!

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Cracked Concrete Wall

Arthur Fistwinter,

Wow this is by the far the least appropriate, poorly conceived piece of multimedia I have ever listened to. Yet somehow, I can’t stop listening to it. Give me more!

Gemima Undercroft, Slough

Some of the worst accent work I’ve heard in my life. Why are all the Dwarves Scottish? Also please never attempt to do a Welsh accent again. Ever! Other than that, listening to this fantasy nonsense helps me drift off to sleep at night better than Night Nurse.

BRONTE Moistfoot,

I genuinely havent seen this many bellends in one place, since the last time I went to the Cyprus Cove Nudist Resort.

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